Arrival of AKIRA!

Today the mailman came with good news, good news in the form of a small white package. The package itself was nothing to celebrate, but the content were more exciting, it was the UK Steelbook Edition, on Blu-Ray (EAN:5022366521949) that arrived.

This particular version includes, other then the movie digitally remastered on Blu-Ray. A DVD including a “Making of Akira” documentary and some other minor features. As well as a 32 page booklet with images and info about AKIRA.

I really would love to take a look in the 32 page booklet, but i don’t want to remove the factory sealing. We’ll see what time decides, maybe it’s not as rare as i think, or hope, so i can open it up some day.

Akira Steelbook UK

And now, the hunt for the AKIRA 30th Anniversary Edition begins!



Evangelion and AKIRA!


When i finally got around to make this blog, i have news, first of, AKIRA, found a store whom had 3 brand new and sealed Steelbook edition of AKIRA, which is a UK press. And at the reasonable price of 30USD i couldn’t let that pass since if i’m not mistaken it’s OOP.

Second news and this is the big one, i just placed a pre-order of two Evangelion 3.33 Blu-ray’s from amazon Japan. Really looking forward to this and they should be from the first pressing which comes with the OST for the movie.

EAN/ASIN codes:
Akira EAN: 5022366521949
Eva 3.33 ASIN: B00BHO0FK8