Sunday topic, exclusive rights.

Well, since I’ve been lazy as [insert word of choice] last time and missed 2 Sunday topics and almost 3. it’s time to step up the game.

Today’s Sundays topic (if a little late) is, exclusive rights on movies. The reason for this topic is what horrible things i found out when searching for a Blu-Ray release of Akira Kurosawas movie “Ran”.

Everything started after i borrowed a DVD version of Ran and really enjoyed it and thought it would be a really nice movie to have in the collection. So i began searching for a BD version, i stumbled upon “Criterion Collection” and their DVD (the one i borrowed was not a criterion) and after reading all good reviews of it i had high hopes that they would release it on BD. And Criterion have a very good goal with their releases, mess nothing with the movie, no cutting, no editing.

But i soon found out that they lost their rights to StudioCanal and that there in fact were a BD version. Fine and dandy i thought, but when i started reading reviews on the StudioCanal version, it turned out to be a really bad release, way to much EE (Edge Enhancement) and so on.

This is a very good example of why i really hate exclusive rights to movies and basically anything, if the release or what it may be is bad, there’s nothing for the consumers to do, there is only this version. Some of the reviews on the StudioCanal BD version even suggested it was an upscaled DVD with lots of EE and other filters to try and make it look better. Another good example is Disneys exclusive rights to all Studio Ghbili films release after 1996. The cause was good, getting more money to be able to cover the production costs. But it feels like the have sold their soul to the devil.

I should rename this blog to “Ranting for my eyes”, because it feels like i just rant about things.



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