Sunday topic, remakes and new series parts

Today’s Sunday topic is about the what seems to be the year of movie remakes and new installments i.e. lack of new ideas.

I don’t know why, but when glancing through IMDB of movies that are to go up on cinema or have gone up on cinema this year, there are many names i recognized, many new parts of movies series and some concepts I’ve seen before. This is both good and bad, some, most remakes and old concepts, are the movies that i really want to see.

There seems to be empty in the idea office in Hollywood this year or is it the big company’s money cravings that decide which movies is getting produced? Movies like “Fast & Furious 6”,isn’t time to let that series go, it have lost most of the feel that the movie is based around the car. It was a good series until after Tokyo Drift. And a quick look on wikipedia shows that Fast & Furious 7 is due in 2014. The same goes for “A Good Day to Die Hard”, it’s the fifth movie in the  Die Hard series. I was convinced “Die Hard 4.0” was the last movie, but no, someone thought it was a good idea to make another sequel.

It’s not all bad though. There are remakes that i really want to see, both out of curiosity and where the original is getting old. The best example here is “The Great Gatsby”, which i haven’t seen yet. The latest movie adaptation of the novel is from 1974 (i do not count the TV movie from 2000).

One movie where i can feel some light influences from anime and manga hits Neon Genesis and Gundam is the movie “Pacific Rim”. Which i think can be really good, it’s something new, although the concept is old, it has never been seen in a live action movie before.

The fact remains though, I recognize many, perhaps too many of this year’s blockbuster names from the past. I could talk on forever on this topic, this is the same for games, money rules, a little to much.



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