With autumn comes great movies

And so the summer turned into autumn and the time for movie watching and music listening have come and i have found my way back to my blog.

I start off this rebirth by expanding my movie collection a little. This time i found a store that had a 50% on all of the movies for a very limited time period. So i picked up some movies i’ve been looking for and some that i just thought was a nice release of the movie.


The movies i picked up was:

Band Of Brothers – Steelbox
EAN: 5051895051306

A nice steelbox edition of this great mini series that was aired in 2001. It’s a “clean” edition just like almost every Band Of Brothers editions i know of, it only contains the 5 discs for the episodes as well as one bonus material disc with a documentary. No other content such as booklet or postcards.

Resident Evil: Retribution – Steelbook
EAN: 5051162303374

Not much to say here really, a steelbook edition of Resident Evil: Retribution, just like the Band Of Brothers box it only contains the movie itself on one disc along with some extra features like commentary for exapmle.

Hobbit – Steelbook
EAN: 7391772200853

Same here, simple steelbook edtition. Just the movie disc with some extra features on the same disc such as behind the scenes videos.

Battle Royale
EAN: 7319980013935

Basic blue plastic cover edition. This acts as a place holder until i can get the steelbook version or/and one of the limited editions that exists of this movie.

EAN: 5022366800549

Same as Battle Royale, very simple and cheap edition, just the movie. Just like the Battle Royale i got this is an “stand-in”. I already own Akira, but the edition i own is a steelbook edition that still is sealed. So this will be the one that i’ll be using when i’m watching Akira.

So not the biggest update but it was an update. I haven’t been slacking off totaly during the summer, i have been looking around for new interesting editions and new movie releases and have some pre-orders that should be coming pretty soon.


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