So who am i, well i don’t know, i live on earth sometimes and i love listening to music and watching movies, at the moment especially anime movies. So i will probably post most about those things, but there could come in something else if there is little news that is music or movie related.

I can have strong opinions about certain things related to movies and music, which i think will be visible throughout this blog. For example one of the worst things ever invented by man are dubbing of movies and series. I hate that, i cant see why people would like to have the voice don’t match the mouth movement rather then just read the subtitles. In the same category is translating movie names, i want the original name of a movie when i buy it.

I’m also a big fan of ranting about various things, such as described above. You can probably also say that I’m stubborn, if i don’t like something, say i don’t like how a movie distributor is using their movie rights. Then i won’t support them, whatever it takes, even if i have too hunt down a movie in arctic, then i will do that as long i don’t give my support to them.


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