While my movie collection isn’t as big as my music collection, this is rather more specific and I’m very very picky about what movies to get and especially which releases.

I don’t know why I’m so picky about what version of the movie i get but trust me, i am. I’m from a country which don’t have English as it’s main language so all the movies sold here have a translated title, translated back of the cover and so on, basically everything that can be translated is translated. And i don’t like that, i want the original title of the movie, not some translated, sometimes not even similar title. So i always end up hunting down titles from the US or UK as they have the right title.

This is very well reflected in my collection of anime movies. I always try to get the Japanese versions. I do buy UK and US releases of movies, but only if i have a hard time to find the Japanese version i want or if there is something very special about the US or UK version, like the AKIRA Steelbook from UK.

There really isn’t any special genre i like, but it can come in “periods” or what i shall call it, when writing this, I’m in a anime period and is putting all my effort in expanding my anime collection. I’ve been a big fan of star wars since i was a kid so thats a part of my collection and I’m always looking for new releases although they are rare, but I’m also a sci-fi fan in general.


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