Summer and sunday topic, steelbooks.

I’ve been way to lazy lately with posting the Sunday topic, but it’s summertime and the weather is just to good to sit at the computer and thinking about blu-ray’s and CD’s. I have my saved searches on ebay and check them from time to time but nothing more.

So today i thought i should do a Sunday topic since it’s been 5 weeks since last post. Todays topic will be about Steelbooks, the little bit more premium releases of movies.

While the steelbooks is one step bellow collectors/limited editions they are one step above the regular blue plastic case that BD movies usually comes in. It’s a good compromise between price and extra features. A good example i just noticed is “Jaws”, the regular boring version costs about US$15, the “Special Collector’s Limited Edition Gift Set” is US$45 which can be a little steep. But then there is the steelbook of the movie, which only is US$22 not much more then the regular version but it’s in a much nicer case which in my opinion looks much better in the shelf then just the blue plastic covers.

When i started being interested in movies i didn’t see the reason for steelbooks, i just thought it was an unnecessary cost for just a steel instead of plastic case. But my opinion have changed, i now always look up just how much big the difference is between regular and steelbook.

I have seen steelbooks going on ebay for very high prices, more then limited and collectors editions, but they have all been from some very small pressing of example 5000 pieces. I think it’s fun that there are people who just collects steelbooks and that keep the price up, but if you’re the average movie viewer and just want a premium version of your favorite movie, it can be a pain in the…

Make sure to watch many movie and have a great summer!