With autumn comes great movies

And so the summer turned into autumn and the time for movie watching and music listening have come and i have found my way back to my blog.

I start off this rebirth by expanding my movie collection a little. This time i found a store that had a 50% on all of the movies for a very limited time period. So i picked up some movies i’ve been looking for and some that i just thought was a nice release of the movie.


The movies i picked up was:

Band Of Brothers – Steelbox
EAN: 5051895051306

A nice steelbox edition of this great mini series that was aired in 2001. It’s a “clean” edition just like almost every Band Of Brothers editions i know of, it only contains the 5 discs for the episodes as well as one bonus material disc with a documentary. No other content such as booklet or postcards.

Resident Evil: Retribution – Steelbook
EAN: 5051162303374

Not much to say here really, a steelbook edition of Resident Evil: Retribution, just like the Band Of Brothers box it only contains the movie itself on one disc along with some extra features like commentary for exapmle.

Hobbit – Steelbook
EAN: 7391772200853

Same here, simple steelbook edtition. Just the movie disc with some extra features on the same disc such as behind the scenes videos.

Battle Royale
EAN: 7319980013935

Basic blue plastic cover edition. This acts as a place holder until i can get the steelbook version or/and one of the limited editions that exists of this movie.

EAN: 5022366800549

Same as Battle Royale, very simple and cheap edition, just the movie. Just like the Battle Royale i got this is an “stand-in”. I already own Akira, but the edition i own is a steelbook edition that still is sealed. So this will be the one that i’ll be using when i’m watching Akira.

So not the biggest update but it was an update. I haven’t been slacking off totaly during the summer, i have been looking around for new interesting editions and new movie releases and have some pre-orders that should be coming pretty soon.


Summer and sunday topic, steelbooks.

I’ve been way to lazy lately with posting the Sunday topic, but it’s summertime and the weather is just to good to sit at the computer and thinking about blu-ray’s and CD’s. I have my saved searches on ebay and check them from time to time but nothing more.

So today i thought i should do a Sunday topic since it’s been 5 weeks since last post. Todays topic will be about Steelbooks, the little bit more premium releases of movies.

While the steelbooks is one step bellow collectors/limited editions they are one step above the regular blue plastic case that BD movies usually comes in. It’s a good compromise between price and extra features. A good example i just noticed is “Jaws”, the regular boring version costs about US$15, the “Special Collector’s Limited Edition Gift Set” is US$45 which can be a little steep. But then there is the steelbook of the movie, which only is US$22 not much more then the regular version but it’s in a much nicer case which in my opinion looks much better in the shelf then just the blue plastic covers.

When i started being interested in movies i didn’t see the reason for steelbooks, i just thought it was an unnecessary cost for just a steel instead of plastic case. But my opinion have changed, i now always look up just how much big the difference is between regular and steelbook.

I have seen steelbooks going on ebay for very high prices, more then limited and collectors editions, but they have all been from some very small pressing of example 5000 pieces. I think it’s fun that there are people who just collects steelbooks and that keep the price up, but if you’re the average movie viewer and just want a premium version of your favorite movie, it can be a pain in the…

Make sure to watch many movie and have a great summer!