How could I forget, about 2 weeks ago i got a really nice version of Ōtomo Katsuhiro’s “Steamboy”. It’s an UK release and it’s acctually DVD, not blu-ray. But it’s stil a very nice release with lots of extra features. Even if i often think the country of origin releases of movies are the best, i have to say this is on par with the Japanese blu-ray box version in terms of features. Not quite packed with extra stuff as the Japansese Memorial Box, but that one is hard to come by.

Everything is stored inside a very sturdy slide in and out box, which is very nice, not like some movies where they come in a flimsy box. The movie and extra disc is stored in a digipack which itself is stored inside a slipcase. Furthermore there is a booklet with drawings and sketches from the movis which i think is really nice as well as a small manga booklet. Other then that it’s included a small envelope with 10 postcards.

So all in all this is very nice edition, even though it’s a DVD in a now blu-ray dominant market i think it’s a very worth edition since it can be found fairly cheap and it comes with so much extra stuff.

EAN: 5035822422513
Bonus material disc
Small but thick booklet with sketches and drawings
Small manga booklet
10 Postcards




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